In December 2013 Hidden Culture hosted Neverland Zimbabwe, the country’s first ever large scale electronic music festival. Hosting international acts from New York, Miami, Australia & Italy, as well as some of the best acts the African continent had on offer. Using a unique marketing campaign & strategy, Hidden Culture was able to connect & appeal to a wide audience of different backgrounds & beliefs.

On the 21st December 2013 we made history, not just by hosting the first electronic music festival in Zimbabwe but we witnessed thousands of people from different countries, different beliefs, of different colours & different backgrounds united by music. Staying true to the Neverland slogan - “Together We Are Stronger”.

Now in it’s sixth year Neverland Zimbabwe has secured it’s place by being voted as one of the top 10 must see festivals in Africa, becoming Zimbabwe’s highest quality main market music festival and a solid annual date in the African calendar that delivers on it’s promise.


Zimbabwe's PREMIER music festival.

Voted as one of the top 10 must see festivals in Africa, Neverland is more than just Zimbabwe's biggest music festival. It's a magical journey of sound & light brought to life through the energy of the people. Just like an enchanted treasure hunt, details of this magical journey will be revealed in stages with various clues & codes. Thank you for joining our beautiful journey! The road to Neverland has begun.